Re: Notes on the draft polyglot document Polyglot document

Sorry to be insisting but the discussion is about
	polyglot document
which seems to get close to the considerations on the multilingual  
documents and has zero mention of the second word of "polyglot  
This is a misleading closeness and what I suggest to avoid.

(I really was excited when seeing the title being discussed in the  
TAG, and I am sure I'm not alone)


Le 10-juin-10 à 14:14, Lachlan Hunt a écrit :

> On 2010-06-10 08:57, Daniel Glazman wrote:
>> Le 10/06/10 02:20, Nathan a écrit :
>>> Personally I don't see what's wrong with the term 'Polyglot', but
>> Because my first reaction - with my light linguistics background -
>> when I saw the title was "oh a spec for multilingual documents" ?
> For computing purposes, the term is already recognised as meaning  
> "... written in a valid form of multiple programming languages" [1].  
> Although the words has its roots in linguistics, using its existing  
> meaning as a computer term is quite reasonable.
> FWIW, we had a brief discussion about this a while ago regarding my  
> HTML5 authoring guide, when I wanted to find a more reader friendly  
> term, and I ended up settling for polyglot anyway, as it was the  
> most appropriate term I found.
> [1]
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