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Agenda for TAG teleconference of 10 Sept 2009

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 21:20:38 -0400
To: www-tag@w3.org
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A copy of the agenda for the TAG teleconference of 10 Sept 2009 is 
available in HTML at [1,2], and in text form below.  Not that I am 
unavailable to chair next week on the 17th, so the call tomorrow may be 
the last one before the face to face meeting.  We will decide tomorrow 
whether to cancel the call on the 17th.  Thank you.


[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/tag-weekly

[2] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2009/09/10-agenda

Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

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      [1] http://www.w3.org/

      [2] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/

      [3] http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2009/08/13-agenda

            Agenda of 10 September 2009 TAG teleconference

   Nearby: [4]Teleconference details - [5]issues list and [6]Issue
   Tracker ([7]handling new issues) - [8]www-tag archive - [9]tag
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Noah, Scribe: Dan Connolly (confirmed)
          + Roll call -- Regrets: (none)
          + Agenda Review - [10]this agenda
          + Next Telcon/Mtg: 17 September 2009 (telcon - Scribe: Ashok
            Malhotra[unconfirmed]) or 23 Sept 2009 (F2F)
          + Future scribes: Ashok -> John -> Larry
    2. Approve minutes of prior meeting(s)
          + [11]3 September 2009
    3. Reminders
          + A [12]Call for Exclusions has been sent for patents
            relating to the [13]First Public Working Draft of our
            Finding on Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL parameters
            (call for exclusions [14]update). The call for exclusions
            ends 22 October 2009.
          + Future F2F meetings:
               o 23-25 Sept 2009 @ MIT (Per [15]resolution of 24 June
               o 2-6 November 2006 @ [16]W3C Technical Plenary, Santa
                 Clara, CA
               o 8-10 December 2009 @ MIT (Per [17]resolution of 25
                 June 2009 - note that Raman and John Kemp have
                 confirmed the acceptability of this date, though Raman
                 is unsure he'll attend).
               o Suggestion that we co-locate TAG meeting with IETF
                 meeting in Anaheim, 21-26 March 2010 ([18]email from
                 Larry and [19]response from Noah — both W3C
                 member-only). [20]Discussed briefly on 6 August 2009.
    4. Administrative items (Brief)
          + Decide whether to have a telcon on 17 Sept (note that Noah
            will be unavailable)
          + Mark Nottingham and Lisa Dusseault have been asked to join
            the TAG for a discussion of sniffing. [21]Email from Mark
            suggests a 10 AM slot during our Sept. F2F. [22]Lisa says
            that's likely OK with her. Noah has asked Mark for a
            preference between Thurs and Fri. ([23]ACTION-257?)
    5. F2F Agenda Planning
          + Goals
               o Discuss agenda for 23-25 TAG F2F
    6. Web Sockets URI schemes and protocols
          + Background:
               o Ian Hickson [24]announces the [25]IETF registration
                 for the Web socket-related URI schemes ws and wss
                 (I've corrected the fragment identifier from Ian's
               o Alan Ruttenberg [26]asks whether the new Web socket
                 protocol is needed
          + Goals:
               o Decide whether the TAG has concerns with the proposed
                 ws and wss URI schemes
               o Decide whether the TAG has concerns with the proposed
                 Web sockets protocol
               o If "yes" to either of the above, determine next steps.
    7. HTML
          + Background:
               o TAG chair [27]call for TAG members to itemize
                 potential issues with HTML 5 drafts.
               o [28]Discussion of HTML 5 on 3 Sept 2009
               o [29]Division of labour for TAG reading the HTML 5
                 draft specification that we [30]agreed to on July 23.
               o Ian Hickson [31]announces availability of initial
                 drafts of HTML 5 authoring specifications. This is, in
                 part, in response to a [32]suggestion made by Noah in
                 October 2008, shortly after the HTML/TAG joint working
                 group meeting at the Mandelieu Technical Plenary.
               o Noah announces [33]preliminary list of potential
                 issues for consideration (late addition to agenda -
               o [35]Ashok's list of potential issues for consideration
               o [36]John Kemp's list of potential issues for
          + Earlier background:
               o Discussion of versioning and HTML at June 2009 TAG F2F
                 ([37]session 1 and [38]session 2)
               o June 2009 F2F discussion of [39]plans to review HTML 5
               o [40]ACTION-188 on Dan Connolly: Investigate the
                 URL/IRI/Larry Masinter possible resolution of the
                 URL/HTML5 issue. - due 2009-03-17 - closed.
               o Raman's proposed [41]HTML analysis big picture as
                 prepared for the 2008 Kansas City TAG F2F
               o HTML working group intention to take HTML to W3C Last
                 Call sometime between October and December, 2009 (per
                 [42]note from HTML WG co-chair Sam Ruby)
               o Dan Connolly and Michael Sperberg-McQueen draft
                 [43]Web addresses in HTML 5, which is factored from
                 the HTML 5 draft. (see [44]email from Dan announcing
                 the draft). This was discussed on 23 April 2009 and
                 the associated [45]ACTION-253 requesting that Dan
                 brief us was closed.
          + TAG Issues relating to this discussion:
               o [46]ISSUE-20 (errorHandling-20) What should
                 specifications say about error handling? shepherd:
                 Henry Thompson
               o [47]ISSUE-33 (mixedUIXMLNamespace-33) Composability
                 for user interface-oriented XML namespaces (no
               o [48]ISSUE-54 (TagSoupIntegration-54) Tag soup
                 integration. shepherd: Henry Thompson
          + TAG Actions relating to this discussion:
               o [49]ACTION-188 on Dan Connolly: Investigate the
                 URL/IRI/Larry Masinter possible resolution of the
                 URL/HTML5 issue. - due 2009-03-17 - closed.
               o [50]ACTION-288: Arrange "divying" of HTML 5 into
                 sections such that each part of spec is read by at
                 least one TAG member - Henry Thompson. Due:
                 2009-07-02. Henry responded with a [51]Proposed
                 division of labour wrt reading the HTML 5 spec that we
                 [52]agreed to on July 23.
               o [53]ACTION-294 on Larry Masinter: Read HTML spec parts

               o [54]ACTION-298 on Larry Masinter: Notify the TAG of
                 the next IRI draft (PENDING REVIEW)
          + Goals:
               o Detailed technical discussion of high priority issues
               o Discuss WebAddress issue. See [55]email from Larry
                 (W3C member-only) with preliminary announcement of a
                 [56]draft revision of IRI-bis to deal with Web
                 Addresses. On the 27 August 2009 call, this was
                 deferred for 1 week at Larry's request in hopes that a
                 revised IRI-bis draft would be available.
                 ([57]ACTION-298 - PENDING REVIEW)
    8. Pending Review Items:
          + [58]Pending review actions in [59]Tracker
    9. Overdue Action Items:
          + [60]Overdue actions in [61]Tracker
   10. Any other business

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    Noah Mendelsohn for TAG
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