f2f Agenda Planning -- Issue 62

Issue 62 is about Uniform Access to Metadata.   
My take on the landscape is that we now have several mechanisms for 
access to Metadata
(Link Header, Link, Site-Meta, RDFa) which we are reasonably satisfied 
with and what we need is
a document that ties them all together and explains what should be used 
in what situations with examples, etc.

Jonathan had taken an action to start work on such a document.  See 
If we could have a draft to discuss at the f2f, that would be wonderful.

As I told some of you, I ran into Mark Nottingham at the TPAC and we 
talked about a document
to tie the threads of Metadata access together.  Mark said he was 
interested in writing such a document but
was constrained by time availability etc.  I have not followed up with 
Mark because, I think, the TAG should
first decide what we want to do in the area.
All the best, Ashok

Received on Friday, 13 November 2009 13:47:09 UTC