Re: HTML 5 integration of SVG and MathML addresses ISSUE-33/mixedUIXMLNamespace-33?

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> Dan Connolly wrote:
> > Have you looked at the integration of MathML and SVG into HTML 5?
> If I understand the key design points in the current HTML draft, they 
> generalize as:  >>when using the text/html serialization, namespace 
> qualification in the DOM is provided only for particular vocabularies that 
> are baked into the (then current) version of the HTML Recommendation. Such 
> vocabularies will, in practice, be usable without prefix qualification; in 
> fact, even well known prefixes like <svg:circle> will not work. In HTML 5, 
> the supported vocabularies will be MathML and SVG.<<

That's my understanding as well.

> The first of those points is "the big debate".  I did my best to outline 
> the pros and cons in my TPAC presentation [1].  I still am among those who 
> believe that it's worth trying very hard to do better.  Insofar as I 
> understand Liam Quin's proposal, it seems to offer at least an interesting 
> direction, in part because it offers a more decentralized way of 
> supporting new vocabularies, and evolving for eventual support in the core 
> specification.

I'm not aware of anything in Liam's proposal that has to do with
user interface; i.e. screen arbitration, event bubbling, etc.

I gather MS IE and Firefox each implement a binding of namespaces
to user interface components. I'm not very familiar with either
of them; I think the Firefox implementation is called XBL.

Some quick research shows
XBL 2 is at CR as of March 2007 , waiting
for 2 implementations.

Wikipedia says "There used to be an XBL 1.0 specification document on, which was submitted to W3C as a Technical Note, but the
actual implementation never did match the specification."

The Internet Explorer documentation seems to be:

Introduction to DHTML Behaviors

I'm not sure if either of those mechanisms is powerful enough
to handle something like SVG or MathML.

> [1]

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