Re: 'Web addresses in HTML 5' for review [IRIEverywhere-27 ISSUE-27]

As a TAG member, this looks good to me at least as a framework for 
discussion, and most likely also as a demonstration that the specification 
for Web addresses can (and should) be packaged separately.  To the limited 
extent I'm qualified to judge, the details look good to me too, modulo the 
small editorial point mentioned in my note just sent.

As TAG chair, I observe that the ACTION_68 referenced  (intentionally 
misspelled so tracker won't crossref our issue of the same number) is an 
HTML WG issue, so I can't close that, but we still have to decide what if 
anything to do about this on the TAG side.  Dan or other TAG members:  do 
you want me to schedule telcon discussion of this draft, and if so with 
what goals, or should we just wait and see how this is received by the 
HTML WG?  Either way is fine with me.


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[IRIEverywhere-27 ISSUE-27]

I worked with MSM to produce a draft; it's attached
to a message to public-html:

'Web addresses in HTML 5' for review (ISSUE-56 urls-webarch) (from on 2009-03-18)

This is progress on...
ACTION-188 Investigate the URL/IRI/Larry Masinter possible resolution of
the URL/HTML5 issue.

I expect to have a revised draft later this week.

Dan Connolly, W3C
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