Re: Metadata survey

Jonathan Rees writes:

> My main objective now is to get a transition from 'pending 
> review' to 'closed' for my action.  It needs to be reviewed for
> that to happen. If one or two people review it before Thursday,
> then maybe we can discuss what the TAG might want to do in the 
> metadata area, if anything.

OK.  Do I have any volunteers to review Jonathan's analysis [1] by 

> Otherwise, the objective for Thursday should be to assign one 
> or two volunteers to review it.

I'll schedule this for discussion.  As you say, whether it's a substantive 
discussion may depend on whether we've found anyone to review it, or if 
you prefer, you can lead us through the analysis on the phone.



P.S. Tracker, this is re:  ACTION-227

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