Re: our summary of the @rel Link-Type Header issue

Thank you Ben, for doing this.  I'm on the plane flying home now and can't 
actually follow the link, so haven't yet read this.  Most of our focus at 
the F2F was on attempting to set our agenda for the coming year.  I'm sure 
this will be very helpful as we get back to more detailed work on @rel and 
RDFa.  I do apologize for not noticing this until today, but from the time 
stamp it looks like it arrived just as we were wrapping up anyway.  I do 
appreciate it, and I'm sure it will yet be helpful.  Thank you.


Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Ben Adida <>
03/05/2009 02:46 PM
        To:     Noah Mendelsohn <>, 
" WG" <>
        cc:     RDFa <>, Mark Nottingham 
<>, "'Julian Reschke'" <>
        Subject:        our summary of the @rel Link-Type Header issue


I wonder if this arrives too late for any TAG discussion, but I thought
I would summarize the RDFa Task Force's point of view on the latest @rel
discussion. Hopefully this will be helpful.

Though I've tried to briefly and fairly summarize the raised issues,
this has *not* been reviewed by mnot and other folks who raised the
issue (I doubt we would agree on a single proper summary in any
reasonable amount of time). This is only a report of the RDFa Task Force.


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