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Re: Fwd: Splitting vs. Interpreting

From: Xiaoshu Wang <wangxiao@musc.edu>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 11:30:38 -0400
Message-ID: <4A3A5D9E.2050608@musc.edu>
To: "Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol)" <skw@hp.com>
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Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) wrote:
> Xaioshu,
>> The real issue is that TAG, for whatever reason that I cannot 
>> understand, refuses to acknowledge such a simple truth:  what you get 
>> from a URI is NOT what a URI denotes.
> Please will you stop making this claim.  You and I have visited this many times [and (no-doubt) bored many people on this list] and agreed that no-one[*] on the TAG holds the view that "what you get from a URI is what a URI denotes". You again start your argument by restating a false-premise, that the TAG holds a position that AFAICT it never held whilst I was a part of it.
> Stuart
> --
> [*] by which I mean that I know of no-one on the TAG that holds the view which you imply.
I am not implying everyone but I do imply someone because, otherwise, I 
just could not understand: what is the hold up for even an open debate?

I have to file a serious complain in order to get my manuscript accepted 
to the IR-KR2009, which I am glad the PC chairs did.  One reviewer, whom 
I was told is a very "well known person" to the web community that they 
must respect, made some very unfair (as far as from I can understand) 
comments.  My impression is that the reviewer just simply did not want 
my opinion to be out there.

This makes me very upset because something must be *seriously* wrong.  
Here is what I wrote to the PC chairs of IR-KR2009, I think the problem 
should concern us all. 

"I remember Bertrand Russell explained the difference between Religion 
and Philosophy.  He said they both differ from science because they are 
all about speculations.  But the former appeals to authority and the 
latter to human reason.  There are some unhealthy trend in the Web and 
it becomes more religious than philosophical -- this really concerns 
us.  One of the purpose of this article is trying to make it right.  Not 
that my opinion is right, this is minor but what is important is to 
evaluate alternative opinion through intelligent debate but by 
obedience.  It really surprises me that one person has so much power and 
can control even a workshop.

Honestly, I am not simply disappointed.  I am actually quite angry and 
seriously concerned -- not for my own sake but for the sake of the Web 
community.  Hopefully, we will not turn the Web philosophy into a Web 

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