Re: Agenda for TAG Face-to-Face Meeting, 3-5 March 2009 (Redwood Shores, CA)

Jonathan Rees writes:

> Note that this is not really a revised draft; everyone except new 
> members will have read it last spring. There is only change, the 
> addition of one short new section http://www.w3.
> org/2001/tag/doc/uniform-access-20090205.html#cross_site

Thank you for the correction;  I just noticed the February date and 
assumed it had been significantly revised.  I don't think this merits any 
change to the agenda itself, as it was only my email to this list that 
mistakenly advised that this might be a major revision.

> Better reading is the description resource discovery protocol.

If you think this should be added to the F2F preparation list, then please 
send an appropriate link and I will do it. 


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IBM Corporation
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