Re: Uniform access to metadata: XRD use case.

On 2009-02-25 07:38, "Patrick Stickler" <> wrote:

>> What is required is to define Content-Type in URI.  Once we have these,
>> not only Data/Resource are linked but DataType/Service.  The best of
>> all, it works within the conceptualizations defined in AWWW, and does
>> not require any other ambiguous conceptualization, such as, IR,
>> metadata, and description, etc.
> I consider on of the strengths of the semantic web layer is that it is
> agnostic about the syntactic structure of URIs. I also think that
> syntactically binding the URI of a resource and the URI(s) of its
> representation(s) or description(s) is necessary, and would be overly
> cumbersome in practice.

Oops. Meant "is *UN*necessary" (hopefully that was obvious ;-)


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