Re: Metadata survey

Hi Jonathan,

A couple of things I think I'd expect to see in this doc:

Work on metadata inside W3C
PICS (, likely to be superseded by POWDER (hoping for PR in no more than 2 weeks now).

(I know you mention POWDER later so maybe this doesn't need to be added).

Relevant Protocols

Note that EHL's discovery I-D is now at version 02 

One might also include mention of voiD (

Finally it might also be worth noting metaTXT ( 
This has come out of an Irish mobile Web search engine/SEO company. As 
currently drafted they're looking at something very like robots.txt. 
They're aware of site-meta, POWDER et al and may well use some of that. 
They launched the WG at the big GSM congress in Barcelona last week. Who 
knows where it might go...

I dare say this could go on and on!



Jonathan Rees wrote:
> Pursuant to ACTION-227, and I hope in time for review prior to the F2F, 
> I put together the following:
> Due to the short notice this is short on analysis and polish, but I hope 
> it is of some use as we consider future possible work in the area of 
> metadata.
> Jonathan


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