Re: Question on the boundaries of content negotiation in the context of the Web of Data

Jonathan Rees writes:

> Few TAG members will have read the thread, and we won't be able
> to get Tim's input, and there is no summary available,

Good points.

> but we may be able to benefit from about 5 minutes of 
> preliminary discussion. You could put it at the end of the 
> agenda, for us to take up if there's time.

Actually, given your observations above, I'd be inclined to mention it 
tomorrow only to suggest that we will schedule it for discussion a week 
out on the 26th, when everyone will have had time to read, and Tim 
presumably will be with us.  At least tentatively, I will also schedule 
significant time for this at the F2F, though I'm still not quite clear in 
my own mind on the degree to which this is really its own issue and the 
degree to which it is just httpRange-14 (ISSUE-14 
tracker)/httpRedirections-57 (ISSUE-57)/Resource Descriptions reappearing 
with different emphasis.  I'll do my best to structure F2F time in a 
reasonable way, but won't be surprised to find these blending in some 


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