Re: Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 19 February 2009

Correction: I'm pretty sure I mistakenly carried over regrets from Henry 
into the agenda for the 19th.  I have removed them.  Sorry for the 


Noah Mendelsohn 
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Noah Mendelsohn
02/17/2009 06:29 PM
        Subject:        Agenda for TAG Teleconference of 19 February 2009

A proposed agenda for the TAG teleconference of 16 February 2009 is 
available at [1,2].  A text copy is also provided at the end of this 

Please note that there are only two substantive items for discussion this 
week, ISSUE-20 (error handling) and ISSUE-57 (httpRedirections), and we 
may or may not decide to actually go into detail on the latter, which will 

be scheduled for F2F discussion in any case.  So, there is some chance 
that the call will not go the full 90 minutes.  Please alert me ASAP if 
you feel there are additional items we should be discussing this week.

Thank you.



Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

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   February 2009


             Agenda of 19 February 2009 TAG teleconference

   Nearby: [4]Teleconference details - [5]issues list and [6]Issue
   Tracker ([7]handling new issues) - [8]www-tag archive - [9]tag
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Noah, Scribe: Ashok
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Tim, Henry
          + Agenda Review - [10]this agenda
          + Future Regrets:
          + Next Telcon: Propose 26th Feb 2009; Chair: Noah; Scribe:
          + Future scribes: Larry > Henry > Jonathan
    2. Approval of Minutes from previous telcons
          + [11]22th Jan 2009: errors in earlier drafts were corrected
            by Henry.
          + [12]12th Feb 2009
    3. F2F Logistics (Brief)
          + Goals:
               o Alert group that meeting is < 2 weeks away. Therefore,
                 significant reading materials due in < 1 weeks.
               o Give Ashok an opportunity to provide update on local
                 arrangements (if needed)
               o Answer any other participant questions
    4. F2F Content and Agenda Planning (Brief)
          + Goals:
               o Remind group that chair needs help preparing a
                 worthwhile agenda. In particular, the chair solicits
                 input (responses via email please) regarding:
                    # Open issues, TAG Finding drafts, etc., that would
                      merit attention at the F2F.
                    # Particular proposals for new directions or areas
                      of emphasis for the TAG.
                    # The best ways of organizing exploration of those
                      new directions.
                    # The best ways of using the F2F to bring incoming
                      members up to speed on existing work, TAG
                      customs, etc.
    5. [13]ISSUE-20 (errorHandling-20): What should specifications say
       about error handling?
          + Background:
               o Per [14]Henry and Larry are to prepare for discussion
                 next week on the 12th, corrected in [15]email exchange
                 with Henry and Larry
               o Note that [16]ACTION-199 (assigned to Henry Thompson)
                 Follow up on error handling thread (8 Oct)
          + Goals of this session:
               o Review discussion to date of issues relating to the
                 pros and cons of various ways of providing
                 specifications for error handling for processing of
                 Web document formats.
               o Decide whether the TAG has an ongoing interest in
                 woring in this area, and if so, with what goals.
               o Determine next steps, if any.
    6. [17]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57): The use of HTTP Redirection
          + Background:
               o Extensive email discussion on what is
                 the appropriate means of requesting and returning a
                 description of a resource as opposed to a
                 representation of the resource (and to what extent are
                 we clear on the distinction?)
               o [18]ACTION-178 (assigned to Jonathan Rees) update
                 draft of finding on uniform access to metadata
               o [19]Discussion on last week's teleconference of
                 [20]ISSUE-36 (siteData-36): Web site metadata
                 improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc.
               o The chair intends to schedule extensive discussion of
                 issue-57 at the upcoming F2F.
          + Goals of this session:
               o Clarify what we're actually doing under the heading of
                 this issue. There seems to be a lot of multifaceted
                 discussion, but it's not clear that we yet agree on
                 what we're trying to achieve.
               o Detailed technical discussion (optional: we can leave
                 for F2F if that's better).
               o Determine next steps, if any.
    7. Pending Review Issues: - The following were on agenda for 5 Feb
       2009 and were not discussed:
          + Issues whose closure is pending review - see bottom of
            [21]Tracker Agenda page.
               o [22]ISSUE-1 w3cMediaType-1 Should W3C WGs define their
                 own media types? raised 2002-01-09
               o [23]ISSUE-8 namespaceDocument-8 What should a
                 "namespace document" look like? raised 2002-01-14  - 1
                 open action item
               o [24]ISSUE-35 RDFinXHTML-35 Syntax and semantics for
                 embedding RDF in XHTML raised 2003-02-06
               o [25]ISSUE-51 selfDescribingWeb-51 Well known formats
                 and URI based extensibility. ([26]Finding has been
    8. Overdue Action Items:
          + Overdue action in [27]Tracker
    9. Any other business


    Noah Mendelsohn for TAG
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