Re: HTML and XML

By the way, on a side note I just checked dblp.xml; all 500MB of it; and 
today it looks well-formed to me. Instructions for checking:

$ xmllint --loaddtd --noout dblp.xml

If there are no error messages, then it's well-formed. (I downloaded the 
gzipped version and parsed it locally.) This should work on any Unix, 
provided libxml is installed (and these days it usually is, except 
perhaps on Mac OS X.)

If you don't include --loaddtd or if you parse a local copy without the 
DTD available,  then you'll see a bunch of messages aboput undefined 
entities, though these aren't technically well-formedness errors.

I don't think you actually said what department your class was in. By 
any chance were your Ph.D. students that had all the problems philosophy 
  majors instead of C.S? If so, that would likely explain why we see 
such radically different issues with the teaching and usability of this 

Elliotte Rusty Harold
Refactoring HTML Just Published!

Received on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 14:42:09 UTC