Re: HTML and XML

"Henry S. Thompson" <>, 2009-02-11 10:00 +0000:

> Mike, question of clarification?  I take the name 'XML5' at its word,
> as it were, and understand it to be a proposal for how XML, as such,
> across _all_ XML vocabularies, should be standardised and implemented
> across all applications.
> I _think_ I read your comments as focussing on one particular XML
> vocabulary, namely XHTML, and one application, namely web browsers.

I guess I don't tend to think of XHTML as just one vocabulary
among many, nor do I tend to think of web browsers as just one
class of application among many. My comments were focused on some
problems that end users run into when they access the Web through
browsers, and on how the proposal for having standard error
recovery in XML could help to solve some of those problems.


Michael(tm) Smith

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