Re: HTML and XML

Le 11-févr.-09 à 11:08, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :

>> And there's good reason for that:  XML actually _is_ usable by
>> authors and authoring well-formed XML is _not_ hard.
> Sure, until you start dealing with anything slightly more complex.  
> E.g. trying to write blog software that accepts user input, input  
> from other sites, etc.

Claiming this would be like claiming that writing a wiki markup that  
does not allow ActiveX or any other plugins is hard. For some reasons  
this is not hard because it just has to be done for security.

That the world has been doing evil while processing XML as a browser  
format (MSIE and Mozilla being potentially the biggest actors) is not  
debatable anymore and justifies fully the lack of widespreadness.  
Please don't use that argument without blaming the implementors.

That it justifies a brand new parsing model... well... maybe. I like  
to see HTML5 as a parsing facility to get a clean DOM and not care  
about all the weirdos things page producers have been doing to get it  
working in all possible browsers they aimed at.


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