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>> 4. For applications that require them, such as RDF, any @rel value can
>> be rendered as an absolute URI with its registry's URI as a base.
> How would you know which registry it is in (if you are a client)?

You'd use (or set up) a web service you trusted. It would presumably 
have some sort of polling mechanism, ATOM update or whatever that 
allowed it to be up to date. The point is that there could be several 
such services, none of which would be normative. Only each standards 
organisation's lists would be authoritative - and there would need to be 
a degree of trust that the standards organisations would cooperate such 
that the multiple lists would be in sync. If an organisation ended up 
with a reputation for assigning new meanings to existing links, well, 
they'd soon be left out of the picture, but that's a very unlikely 
scenario I'd say.


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