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FYI: "Microsoft Launches odata.org"

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:45:33 -0600
To: www-tag@w3.org
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Microsoft Launches odata.org
Kurt Cagle's picture Submitted by Kurt Cagle on Wed, 12/02/2009 

"OData is consistent with the way the web works. OData makes a deep
commitment to URIs as a means to identify resources (just like the web).
OData commits to an HTTP-centric protocol with a uniform interface for
interacting with those resources (again, just like the web). OData
builds on the conventions over HTTP popularized by AtomPub, which have
simplified the process of sharing data, content and information across
independently developed systems. OData defines additional conventions
that implementations may optionally implement to support basic query and
schema information to be exchanged. To simplify integration with HTML
and JavaScript clients, OData defines an optional JSON representation of
the protocol that complements the XML-based AtomPub format."

I just bookmarked it under 

tracker, please bookmark it under ISSUE-63

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