Discussion on URI mailing list of possible new URI schemes for Web Sockets

An interesting discussion is being held on the W3C URI mailing list, 
beginning with Ian Hickson's announcement that [1]:

        "The formal registrations for the ws: and wss: 
        schemes, part of the Web Socket protocol,
        will be available in the Web Socket protocol ID
        as soon as the IETF upload process completes: [2]
        [I'm not sure why the link is to section-7, but that's
        the link in Ian's note -- Noah]"

Not surprisingly, one question is whether an http scheme URI would be more 
appropriate.  FWIW, I'm not convinced it would be better, in this case, 
but it's an interesting discussion, and there are IMO some advantages to 
either choice.  Please also look at the associated protocol [3], which 
begins with a handshake that does use (or if you prefer, is comptible 
with) the HTTP protocol upgrade handshake.

The automatic threading by the W3C mail handler isn't collecting all of 
the discussion into one thread, so it's probably worth looking through all 
of the August archives [3] if you haven't been subscribing and want to 
reconstruct the discussion.

I'm not ready to suggest that the TAG undertake a formal study of this 
issue or that we provide a formal opinion on the registration, but I think 
it's at least worth taking a look at the email thread.  I will put this on 
the agenda for our 27 August teleconference.  Thank you.


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/uri/2009Aug/0002.html
[2] http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-hixie-thewebsocketprotocol#section-7
[3] http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-hixie-thewebsocketprotocol
[4] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/uri/2009Aug/0002.html

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