Approved minutes of June 2009 TAG Face to Face meeting

During its teleconference of 23 July 2009, the TAG voted to approve [1] 
the minutes of our F2F meeting of 23-25 June 2009.   As has been our 
recent custom, the minutes are cross referenced from an updated copy of 
the meeting agenda, which is available at [2], and in text form below. 

The actual minutes are in three separate Web documents [3-5].  For the 
convenience of those who require text for use with assistive technologies, 
and as an aid to finding them in the TAG's email archives, text-only 
versions of these will be sent in separate emails momentarily.  Note that, 
for most users, the links in [2] will be the most effective way to find 







Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

   [1]W3C | [2]TAG | Previous teleconference: [3]11 June 2009 | Next
   teleconference: 16th July 2009 (tentative).



     TAG face-to-face meeting, 23-25 June 2009 — MIT Stata Center,
                          Cambridge, MA, USA

   [4]Picture of the TAG


   Noah Mendelsohn, Jonathan Rees, Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly, Henry
   Thompson, Larry Masinter, Ashok Malhotra, John Kemp

   Nearby: [5]issues list - [6]findings - [7]www-tag archive - [8]tag
   archive - Actions: ([9]open, [10]pending review)







   Regrets: T.V. Raman will be participating by phone from the West
   Coast, and will be available only for afternoon sessions.

Agenda Summary

   Tues 23rd June
   Agenda Minutes
   08:00-9:00 Arrive & Set up
   The meeting room will be available. Please have your computers and
   network connections set up for a prompt start at 9AM.
    1. [11]Convene & Administration
    2. [12]W3C Work on APIs
    3. [13]Language Versioning and HTML
    4. [14]Web Application State Management
    5. [15]Javascript Security






   09:00-9:15 [16]Convene
   Appoint Scribes, Review F2F Logistics, etc
   09:15-9:30 [17]Review F2F Goals and Agenda
   9:30-10:30 [18]W3C work on Web APIs
   10:30-10:45 Break (15 mins)
   10:45-12:00 [19]Language Versioning and HTML (session 1 of 2)
   12:00-13:15 Lunch - with W3C & DIG staff (W3C open area - 5th Floor
   Gates Tower - 75 mins)
   13:15-14:45 [20]Web Application State Management (session 1 of 2)
   14:45-15:00 Break (15 mins)
   15:00-16:30 [21]JavaScript Security
   16:30-17:00 [22]TAG Administration: future meetings, etc.
   Weds 24th June
   Agenda Minutes
   09:00-10:15 [23]The Mobile Web
    1. [24]Mobile Web
    2. [25]Metadata Access and Formats
    3. [26]Versioning and HTML
    4. [27]Web Arch for Applications
    5. [28]tag administration issues





   10:15-10:45 Break (30 mins)
   10:45-12:00 [29]Metadata access and formats
   12:00-13:15 Lunch (75 mins)
   13:15-14:00 [30]Language Versioning and HTML (session 2 of 2)
   14:00-15:15 [31]Web Architecture for Applications
   15:15-15:45 Break & picture? (30 mins)
   16:15-17:00 [32]TAG Administration: future meetings, etc.
   Thurs 25th June
   Agenda Minutes
   09:00-10:30 [33]Naming Schemes
    1. [34]Naming Schemes
    2. [35]HTTP Semantics
    3. [36]TAG f2f scheduling
    4. [37]Tag priorities and future work
    5. [38]Architecture for Web Applications
    6. [39]HTML 5 review







   10:30-10:45 Break (15 mins)
   10:45-12:00 [40]HTTP Semantics
   12:00-13:30 Lunch (90 mins)
   13:30-15:00 [41]TAG Priorities
   16:00-17:00 ...those who are not traveling may wish to stay for
   informal discussion...
   Unscheduled topics
   There are some other topics we may decide to discuss in the free
   time slots. Suggested discussion goals and preparation materials are
   available in the section linked below.
   [42]Unscheduled topics

   Note that preparation is also encouraged for some items for which
   [43]fixed time slots have not been allocated. We may or may not
   decide to discuss some or all of these, presumably in the sessions
   not yet scheduled.


   (there is also a separate [44]logistics page)


          MIT, Stata Center
          32 Vassar Street
          Cambidge, MA 02139

          Tue 23 June: 09:00 - 17:00
          Wed 24 June: 09:00 - 17:00
          Thurs 25 June: 09:00 - 16:00

Agenda Details

    1. Convene
          + Appoint scribes
          + Review F2F logistics
          + Approve minutes of telconferences
               o [45]11 June 2008
    2. Review F2F Goals and Agenda
    Session shepherd:
       Noah Mendelsohn
       Session goals:
          + Review F2F Goals
               o Establish more clearly TAG priorities for coming year
               o Set goals and decide next steps for [46]ISSUE-60
                 (WebApplicationState-60) and for working draft
                 [47]Usage Patterns For Client-Side URI parameters
               o Decide whether further TAG work on extensibility and
                 versioning will be cost effective, and in particular
                 whether it will likely have positive impact on the
                 development of HTML 5.
               o Decide whether the TAG should be working more actively
                 in areas relating to use of the Web with "mobile"
               o Decide whether the TAG should begin consideration of
                 architectural issues relating to W3C standardization
                 of APIs used for Web Application development.
               o Make progress on other open TAG issues (e.g. metadata,
                 use of URI schemes, security, etc.)
          + Review F2F Agenda ([48]this document)
          + [49]Whiteboard summary of proposed TAG priorities from
            March 2009 TAG F2F.
          + [50]TAG F2F Priorities email from Noah
    3. W3C Work on Web APIs
    Session shepherds:
       Ashok Malhotra, John Kemp
       Traditionally, most of the W3C's Recommendations have focused on
       data formats such as HTML, identification mechanisms such as
       URI's, etc. With the rise of AJAX, JavaScript and similar APIs
       have become an increasingly important aspect of content and
       application development for the Web, and W3C is considering at
       least one [51]proposal to charter work on the standardization of
       such APIs.
       The TAG has also had some informal discussionts (see thread
       starting with [52]email from Thomas Roessler) of Geolocation
       APIs and the Geopriv work.
       Session goals:
          + Discuss technical and architectural issues relating to Web
          + Decide:
               o Whether there are technical issues relating to APIs
                 that merit ongoing consideration by the TAG
               o Decide whether the TAG should play a role in helping
                 the W3C to decide whether to undertake work in this
                 area, and/or how to structure charters for such work
               o Consider privacy and security issues relating to
                 Javascript APIs that give access to the user's
          + [53]W3C and APIs from Larry Masinter and Ashok Malhotra
            ([54]announcement email)
          + Email [55]geolocation update from Thomas Roessler.
          + (optional - late addition) [56]Proposed HTML 5 2D graphics
            context for use with the [57]canvas element
    4. Language Versioning and HTML
    Session shepherds:
       Jonathan Rees, Larry Masinter
       The TAG has for years studied the means used to evolve document
       and programming languages, and techniques for maximizing
       interoperability as languages evolve. We have also considered
       the structure and evolution of HTML in particular, including the
       tradeoffs between "tag soup" and XHTML views of robustness and
       error handling. This session is scheduled because some TAG
       members have recently proposed that we may be able to apply our
       analyses of language versioning to HTML in particular.
       TAG Issues relating to this discussion:
          + [58]ISSUE-20 (errorHandling-20) What should specifications
            say about error handling? — shepherd: Henry Thompson
          + [59]ISSUE-33 (mixedUIXMLNamespace-33) Composability for
            user interface-oriented XML namespaces — no shepherd
          + [60]ISSUE-41 (LanguageVersioning-41) What are good
            practices for designing extensible languages and for
            handling versioning? — shepherd: Larry Masinter
          + [61]ISSUE-54 (TagSoupIntegration-54) Tag soup integration
            — shepherd: Henry Thompson
    Session goals (both sessions):
          + Decide whether further work on versioning by the TAG is
            likely to have a constructive effect on HTML in particular
          + Consider, as a framework, the [62]draft prepared by Larry
            Masinter and Jonathan Rees
          + Decide which issue(s) we will use to track this work, and
            ensure that shepherds have been identified.
          + [63]Architectural Considerations for Language Versioning
            for the Web (Note from Larry Masinter and Jonathan Rees)
    5. [64]ISSUE-60: Web Application State Management
    Session shepherd:
       T.V. Raman
          + The TAG has recently issued a First Public Working Draft
            titled [65]Usage Patterns For Client-Side URI parameters
    Session goals:
          + Make plans for further work on Client Side URI parameters
          + Plan next draft of [66]Usage Patterns For Client-Side URI
          + First Public Working Draft of [67]Usage Patterns For
            Client-Side URI parameters
    6. JavaScript Security
    Session shepherd:
       Jonathan Rees
          + The TAG recently [68]discussed JavaScript technologies such
            as [69]Caja, which apply capability-based sandboxing
            techniques to JavaScript. The goal is to support the "safe"
            execution of untrusted JavaScript code in a Web page.
          + The chair does not believe that we currently have an open
            issue that would provide for continued work in this area.
          + [70]ACTION-274: See if I can reconstruct a discussion with
            tlr where present course and speed will lead to GET-based
            links becoming regarded as unsafe - on Dan Connolly. This
            is marked PENDING REVIEW, and it appears that no followup
            on unsafe GET is planned.
    Session goals:
          + Clarify significant use cases for safe execution of
            untrusted code in Web pages (I.e. remind ourselves why we
          + Further educate the TAG regarding technical work and
            standardization efforts relating to safe execution of
            untrusted code in Web pages.
          + Decide whether the TAG has a continued interest in working
            in this area, and if so, with what goals.
          + Open an issue and assign a shepherd, if appropriate.
          + [71]Resource protection (Jonathan's F2F preparation notes)
          + Paragraph on "Chattiness" in [72]Mark Nottingham's review
            of CORS
          + [73]Origin isn't (Tyler Close blog post)
          + [74]Re: The HTTP Origin Header (draft-abarth-origin) (Roy
            Fielding email)
          + (optional, longish) [75]ACLs don't (paper by Tyler Close)
          + (optional, long) [76]Cross-origin resource sharing W3C
            working draft
    7. Mobile Web
    Session shepherd:
       John Kemp
          + John Kemp has offered to give us an overview of important
            issue relating to the Mobile Web, based on his 10 years of
            experience working in that area.
          + Get better informed about the Mobile Web, related
            architectural challenges
          + Decide whether the TAG wants to undertake work relating
            specifically to the Mobile Web. If so, open issues, assign
            shepherds, and agree on next steps as appropriate.
          + [77]Mobile Phones, the good, the bad and the ugly
    8. Metadata Access and Formats
    Session shepherds:
       Ashok Malhotra (metadata access), Jonathan Rees (metadata
       formats and ontologies)
       TAG Issues relating to this discussion:
          + [78]ISSUE-57 (HttpRedirections-57) The use of HTTP
            Redirection — shepherd: Jonathan Rees
          + [79]ISSUE-62 (UniformAccessToMetadata-62) — shepherd: Ashok
            Malhotra (this issue was "split" from issue-57 at the
            [80]March 2009 TAG F2F meeting.)
          + [81]ISSUE-63 (MetadataFramework-63) Metadata on the web:
            representations and ontologies? — shepherd: Larry Masinter
            ([82]ACTION-254 calls for Larry to announce creation of
            this issue on www-tag.)
          + [83]ISSUE-54 (TagSoupIntegration-54) Tag soup integration
            — shepherd: Henry Thompson
          + As noted above, we discussed metadata access and formats at
            the [84]March 2009 TAG F2F meeting, and we now have 3
            issues open, but it's not clear that we are making good
          + Some TAG members have informed the chair that this area is
            of interest to them.
          + Take stock of where we are on all of the above, and see
            what if anything we actually want to do.
    Preparation (Metadata access):
          + [85]Jonathan Rees e-mail discussing LRDD
       It has been [86]suggested (member-only) that the TAG review but
       not not necessarily take any action on the following drafts:
          + [87]

          + [88]

          + [89]

    Preparation (Metadata formats):
          + [90]Email from Ashok (member only) outlining perceived
            interests and concerns of various TAG members. [91]Response
            from Raman. (The chair suggests that copies of this
            correspondence be moved to the TAG's public
    9. Naming Schemes
    Session shepherd:
       Henry Thompson
       TAG Issues relating to this discussion:
          + [92]ISSUE-50 (URNsAndRegistries-50): URIs, URNs, "location
            independent" naming systems and associated registries for
            naming on the Web - shepherd: Henry Thompson
          + May also be related to [93]ISSUE-49 (schemeProtocols-49):
            Relationship of URI schemes to protocols and operations -
            no shepherd assigned
          + Make sure we are agreed on target audience, success
            criteria, etc. for this work.
          + Review the new Dirk and Nadia draft
          + Consider whether this work should be better coordinated
            with, e.g., [94]ISSUE-49.
          + Decide on next steps.
          + June 2009 draft of [95]Dirk and Nadia design a naming
            scheme (the new draft is promised within the next few days
            — this agenda will be updated with a pointer to the new
            copy when available)
          + [96]John Kemp email (member-only) pointing to [97]Widget
            URIs Editor's Draft
          + (optional) [98]Widgets 1.0: URI Scheme W3C First Public
            Working Draft 18 June 2009
   10. HTTP Semantics (AWWSW)
    Session shepherd:
       Jonathan Rees
          + Jonathan Rees has been participating in the regular
            teleconferences of a group attempting to more formally
            relate HTTP to RDF ([99]email archives). This work was
            started, at least informally, under the auspices of the
          + Recently, discussions have focused on (a) clarifying and
            relating conflicting notions of "information resource" and
            (b) considering what HTTP interactions say about resources
            independent of httpRange-14. Some questions have arisen,
            and the TAG's input may be helpful in resolving them.
          + Send agreed TAG comments on [100]the HTTPbis section on 303
            responses (see [101]email from Henry suggesting we do
          + Hear a [102]summary from Jonathan of progress that's been
            made, and questions that have arisen.
          + Provide guidance on use cases and goals of an HTTP
          + Review the nature of the TAG's relationship to AWWSW, and
            adjust it if needed.
          + Review [103]Jonathan's review of HTTPbis's treatment of
          + Determine next steps for [104]ISSUE-57.
          + [105]AWWSW status report
          + [106]Summary of current state of HttpRedirections-57
          + [107]Comments on proposed GET+303 text in HTTPbis
   11. TAG Priorities
    Session shepherd:
       Noah Mendelsohn
          + Discussion of TAG priorities at the [108]March 2009 TAG F2F
            (see minutes of all days, as there were several sessions,
            and also several lists of potential work areas.)
          + [109]Summary of potential priority work areas gathered on
            flip charts at the end of the March F2F
          + Emails from the chair:
               o [110]summary of materials relating to TAG priorities
               o [111]request that the next round of discussions of
                 goals and priorities be done using email
                 ([112]response from Tim).
   12. Web Architecture for Applications
       At the F2F session on June 23, 2009, the TAG decided to consider
       the possibility of a significant enhancement to the Web
       Architecture document, to focus on the Web as an application
       platform. This might be in the form of revisions to the existing
       Web arch document and/or become a second volume.
       A rough outline of a table of contents has been written on a
       white board:
          + Declarative vs. procedural
          + APIs
          + Modules and dependencies
          + Security - trust boundaries
          + Privacy (including cross-site issues)
          + Client-side URIs
   13. TAG Administration
          + Discuss summer telconference schedule
          + Discuss dates for future F2F meetings
          + Consider TAG plans for particiation in the [113]November
            W3C Technical Plenary and AC Meeting (TPAC)
          + Discuss summer teleconference scheduling
          + [114]Tabulation of TAG member responses on summer
            availability (member-only).
   14. Unscheduled items
       No specific discussion time is allocated to the following, but
       we may choose to discuss these in some of the free time slots.
          + ACTION-265 Work with Larry, Henry to frame technical issues
            relating to the vairous overlapping specs. about URIs, IRIs
            and encoding on the wire - on Dan Connolly - Due 19 June
          + ACTION-264 Draft agenda item for upcoming telcon discussion
            of geolocation and privacy - on Ashok Malhotra - Due 3 June
          + Sniffing - see actions 257 (Noah) & 264 (Larry)






































































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