Re: rel=CURIE in RDFa, but rel=URI in Link:

Roy T.Fielding wrote:
> As far as I am concerned, link references in Web architecture consist
> of URIs and relative URIs.  Not CURIEs and not IRIs.  Some data formats
> will have intermediate forms for presentation and ease of data entry, 
> such
> as IRIs or CURIEs, but those forms will not appear in HTTP envelopes
> and header fields because they are neither portable nor understandable
> outside of their own small context.
> Under no circumstances does (X)HTML(*) define any aspect of links
> for the World Wide Web other than the format of data entry within their
> own media types.
FWIW I agree with you.  This only came up because the Link: header 
proposal had some short relationship names in it.  If the Link: header 
rel values can have short names, then they should map directly to URIs 
(for sem web purposes). All we were saying is that we have such URIs 
already at and Link: resolution 
could use those. It could also use others - I don't mind.

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