Re: rel=CURIE in RDFa, but rel=URI in Link:

FWIW, RDFa is part of the XHTML 2 activity, and DOES own link/@rel.  We 
believe that the extension of @rel to use CURIE is completely consistent 
with the HTTP spec HTTP Link: space. The value space for CURIE is IRI.  
The lexical space doesn't really matter in this context - since any 
processor looking at link / @rel would need the value space version.  
What am I missing here?

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Dan Connolly wrote:
>> ...
>> HTTP Link: it's a URI reference, and in RDFa, (I assume, I haven't
>> looked closely) it's a CURIE.
>> ...
> But RDFa talks about link/@rel, which RDFa doesn't own. If HTML5 later 
> on decides to allow URIs in link/@rel (and I think I've seen several 
> proposals that go into that direction), then we have another conflict 
> between the RFDa community and the WHATWG crowd.
> This one could be easily avoided by requiring a safe CURIE.
> BR, Julian

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