Re: Re: TAG recommends against XRI

Hi Everyone-

I just wanted to respond about the xri: URI scheme registration
question. I believe that question was sent in a separate email to us
and I'm not sure the response got to the TAG.

In any case, the history of our response is recorded at [1], and the
relevant portion is here:

"On Comment #4 (Paul Grosso), the TC discussed with OASIS staff
members Mary McRae and Jamie Clark that the TC had originally planned
to register the "xri:" scheme when the XRI 2.0 suite was completed,
which we anticipated was going to be not long after XRI Syntax 2.0
became a Committee Specification. OASIS staff at that time felt it
would be best to apply to IANA once the XRI 2.0 suite was complete.
None of us expected that subsequent revisions XRI Resolution 2.0 would
continue for two years.

It has always been the intention of the XRI TC to register the "xri:"
scheme with IANA once the XRI 2.0 specification work was complete at
OASIS, and we will now work with OASIS staff to complete that step."

On a personal note, I'm of course not thrilled with the recommendation
by the TAG, but I'm not surprised, and not entirely unsympathetic. In
particular, I don't think we've communicated very well the motivation
behind the XRI work.

Given the history I have with some of you here, I hope that once this
vote is passed we can move on and continue to build a more open
inter-operable web together.

     XRI TC Co-chair

Received on Friday, 23 May 2008 05:51:32 UTC