New draft of TAG Finding: The Self-Describing Web

I'm pleased to announce the availablity of a new draft of a W3C TAG 
Finding on "The Self-Describing Web".  [1,2]  There are a number of 
significant revisions, most of which were motivated by suggestions made by 
the TAG at the face to face meeting in February, 2008 [3].  I have also 
attempted to address the several suggestions I've received in email since 
the previous draft [4] was published.

I expect that this new draft will be discussed at the upcoming face to 
face meeting of the TAG in Bristol, and it's my hope that we'll find it 
more or less ready for final publication.  I know of at least two areas in 
which a little bit of further cleanup will be needed:

* Tim Berners-Lee has asked me to include a diagram that he's prepared 
that shows in some detail the "algorithm" used to explore information on 
the Web.  I have included it [5], but the only copy available to me is a 
.png that is not suitable for editing or cleanup.  There are at least a 
few typos in it, and the size is a problem when printing. I'm hoping that 
Tim can get me the source, or else can help me get a cleaner copy for 
inclusion in the final finding.

* I have updated the discussion on RDFa [6], reflecting in part the latest 
RDFa drafts [7,8] and also some guidance received from members of the 
group(s) working on RDFa.  I encourage members of the TAG to satisfy 
themselves that the revised text conveys the right messages, and I of 
course encourage those involved with RDFa to make sure I haven't 
misunderstood their intentions.  If that all goes OK, then we'll have to 
decide whether to point to the RDFa working drafts, or else to hold up the 
self-description finding until RDFa progresses.  (FWIW: I'd really like to 
ship the self-desc. finding).

Comments should be sent to the mailing list.  Thank you.



Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
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Received on Monday, 12 May 2008 20:08:02 UTC