Re: New draft of TAG Finding: The Self-Describing Web

At 04:08 PM 2008-05-12, wrote:
>I'm pleased to announce the availablity of a new draft of a W3C TAG
>Finding on "The Self-Describing Web".


Perhaps the document should comment on the "short form" or use a 
different example.

"These URIs are formed by prepending the fixed base URI to the short form. Thus, 
the first example above is in fact using the relationship "


Note that [2] returns 404 error, which seems to contradict the "good practice".

Also, it appears that the actual URI used by IANA is different from 
what RFC 4287 specifies.

For example, "service" was recently registered and
is resolvable.

Apparently the base for constructing the URI is

However, even using that base, several of the registered @rel values 
are not resolvable, e.g., "enclosure".



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