Re: Uniform access to descriptions

On 20 Mar 2008, at 15:58, John Cowan wrote:
>> Hard to deploy? Well, yes and no depending on the server software
>> you are using and your access priviledges. That's a pragmatic problem
>> induced by the design of servers and the admin policies under which
>> they operate. It's not a problem of Architecture.
> If you want Aunt Tillie to participate in the Semantic Web as a  
> publisher
> and not just a passive consumer, in the same way that she can  
> participate
> in the Document Web today, then you can't brush off the problem as
> merely pragmatic.  Architecture has to live within the constraints of
> its host environment, or it's mere beating the air.

If Aunt Tillie wants to participate in the Semantic Web as a  
publisher, then she can simply deploy RDF documents that use hash  
URIs. That's not (much) harder than deploying HTML. Aunt Tillie  
doesn't need 303 redirects.


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