TAG Telcon Agenda: 13th March 2008: webApplicationState-60; tagSoupIntegration-54; UrnsAndRegistries-50; httpRedirections-57

The TAG weekly telcon agenda has been updated for our meeting on 13th March 2008


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Regrets and unforseen absense mean that we make less progress on items than I would like, however we will make the best with TAG members that are able to attend and carry forward things that we are unable to discuss.

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             Agenda of 13th March 2008 TAG teleconference

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    1. Convene
          + Chair: Stuart, Scribe: Noah (TBC) (Alt: Ashok or Jonathan)
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Henry, [10]TimBL, [11]Ashok
            (possible), Raman (possible)
          + Agenda Review - [12]this agenda
          + Approval of minutes from [13]21st Feb 2008
          + Next Telcon: Propose 20th March 2008; Chair: Stuart; Scribe
          + Future Regrets: None on record
    2. F2F Reflections
          + Any feedback/observations wrt to F2F: Agenda; Meeting
            discipline etc.
    3. Issue [14]webApplicationState-60 (ISSUE-60)
          + Related Action Items
               o [15]ACTION-91 on T.V. Raman to Write a finding about
                 the current state of application state management on
                 the web. - due 2008-02-18, open [CONTINUE]
               o [16]ACTION-105 on T.V. Raman to Send email about
                 growth of context dependence in URI interpretation -
                 due 2008-03-04, open [DISCUSS]
               o [17]ACTION-118 on T.V. Raman to Call for review of
                 "Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL parameters" draft
                 finding after collecting any input for a week - due
                 2008-03-06, open [CONTINUE]
               o [18]ACTION-119 on Henry S. Thompson to S. review of
                 "Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL parameters" ,
                 preferably this week - due 2008-03-06, open [DISCUSS]
               o [19]ACTION-120 on Dan Connolly to Review of "Usage
                 Patterns For Client-Side URL parameters" , preferably
                 this week - due 2008-03-06, open [DISCUSS]
          + Review of "[20]Usage Patterns For Client-Side URL
               o Complete walk-through started at F2F
               o Review next steps: anticipated reviews and
    4. Issue [21]tagSoupIntegration-54 (ISSUE-54)
          + Related Actions Items:
               o [22]ACTION-7 on Dan Connolly to Work with Olivier and
                 Tim to draft a position regarding extensibility of
                 HTML and the role of the validator for consideration
                 by the TAG - due 2008-03-07, open [CONTINUE]
          + ARIA host-language embedding
               o Discuss [23]response from Al Gilman
    5. Issue [24]UrnsAndRegistries-50 (ISSUE-50)
          + Related Action Items
               o [25]ACTION-33 on Henry S. Thompson to revise
                 URNsAndRegistries-50 finding in response to F2F
                 discussion - due 2008-02-21, open [CONTINUE]
               o [26]ACTION-121 on Henry S. Thompson to HT to draft TAG
                 input to review of draft ARK RFC - due 2008-03-06,
                 open [CONTINUE]
          + Discuss [27]XRI TC response to W3C TAG Comments on XRI
            Resolution 2.0
    6. Issue [28]httpRedirections-57 (ISSUE-57)
          + Related Action Items
               o [29]ACTION-101 on Dan Connolly to , Tim to produce
                 Visio diagram to send to Leo - due 2008-02-21, closed
               o [30]ACTION-117 on Tim Berners-Lee to Convey to the
                 authors of the SWEO group the TAG's resolution - due
                 2008-03-06, open [STATUS]
               o [31]ACTION-122 on Jonathan Rees to Call for interest
                 in www-tag (among other places) in
                 link-header-or-something-like-it, pending review
          + Discussion of "[33]Some thoughts on resources, information
            resources and representations" from [34]Noah
               o Held over from possible F2F discussion.
    7. Any other businesss

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