Re: Boeing XRI Use Cases

On 7/13/08, Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) <> wrote:
>  Also, I note in section 11.2, that an HXRI is intended to be recognizable by starting with "http://xri." (or "https://xri.").  Wouldn't this potentially cause a regular (non-HXRI) URI that happens to start with that sequence to be erroneously interpreted as an HXRI?

It would AFAICT, counter to advice from the AWWW[1].  This is why none
of the suggested fixes, alone or together, address my concerns.

If you're trying to extend the Web in a way that requires providing
license to agents to extract information from URIs - which appears to
be a key part of the functionality XRIs are trying to provide (see
1.1.1 of xri-syntax) - then you need a new URI scheme.

So I think the discussion of URI schemes for XRIs is pretty much a red
herring.  What we should, IMO, be talking about, is why http URIs and
hypermedia weren't used to provide the functionality mentioned in




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