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Re: Not UDP? Re: Proposed HTML ping attribute

From: Mark Nottingham <mnot@yahoo-inc.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:22:59 +1100
Cc: Mark Baker <distobj@acm.org>, www-tag@w3.org
Message-Id: <ACF6E860-AF2E-4768-8CBF-1A56C35ED1FF@yahoo-inc.com>
To: Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>

If they're behind a firewall (e.g., inside a company), it won't get  
out. This is why Java applet networking doesn't take off so well; it  
can't use whatever proxy infrastructure is in place.

On 18/01/2008, at 5:52 AM, Tim Berners-Lee wrote:

> If a consumer client sends a UDP packet to an enterprise, what needs  
> upgrading?
> A domestic NAT box presumably with let the packet out.  Is the  
> problem a user inside a corporate firewall?
> The commercial enterprise which is monitoring will be able to do  
> what is has to do to get the UDP packets, surely.
> Which side were you worried about, specifically?
> Tim
> On 2008-01 -17, at 00:37, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> ... and it would require an upgrade in the infrastructure where  
>> proxies and firewalls are used.

Mark Nottingham       mnot@yahoo-inc.com
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