Re: Not UDP? Re: Proposed HTML ping attribute

On 1/17/08, Tim Berners-Lee <> wrote:
> The application semantics here are defined: it is a report of
> a link-following action to a monitor.   People argue was to whether
> it is more like an HTTP GET or HTTP POST, but whether the
> ping protocol maps onto a GET or POST in HTTP is  question
> you don't have to answer if you get a UDP port and define an
> protocol spec for it.

I don't understand.  The issue here, I think, is exactly whether the
ping message should have GET or POST semantics (not that it'll
necessarily have to use HTTP - I'm just referring to the meaning of
GET and POST).  Whether TCP or UDP is used as a transport seems
immaterial.  I certainly agree that UDP has advantages for that kind
of message though.

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