Re: Reviews of Self-Describing Web

Steven Pemberton writes:

> M12N specifies modules that can be combined in different ways. The 
> resulting host language need not be XHTML, and therefore, the Media 
> type used to describe it need not be an xhtml related one.

> For instance, Jabber uses M12N to define message formats that can 
> include embedded XHTML, RDDL uses M12N.


> However, many host languages *are* XHTML (such as XHTML 1.1, XHTML 
> Basic, XHTML Print), and so use the xhtml media type.

Good. So, let's say I use M12N to extend a host language, say XHTML, and I 
retrieve using HTTP a representation that includes markup defined in that 
extension.  What normative specifications, presumably starting with the 
media type registration, give the user agent (browser) permission to infer 
the intended semantics from the new markup?  That's the question on the 
table for the Self-describing Web finding.

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