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T.V Raman wrote:
> but we already live in a muddled Web, where this distinction has
> been all but erased by the various bizarre uses seen on the
> Web. I personally dont see any value on insisting on the
> difference any more.

We are absolutely dead in the water if we cannot distinguish identity 
from representation via URIs -)

Web User can't, and/or will not make, the distinction, but they aren't 
the architects of the Web.

We have to fashion architecture dexterous enough  for unobtrusive tweaks 
that bubble up to the Web User space.

Linked Data's use of derferencable URIs is a good example of an 
unobtrusive tweak that provides a substrate for Web enhancement without 
changing Web User behavior i.e., Users continue to use the Web in 
bizarre ways without adversely affecting it's essence (a mesh of 
interlnked data that extends beyond information resource containers).

> Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) writes:
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>  > > From: T.V Raman []
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>  > > I think splitting hairs between resource
>  > > and representation only works "so far".
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>  > The distinction between "representation" and "resource" is not splitting hairs, it is fundamental: they are different *roles* in the architecture.  Since anything can be a resource, a particular representation (returned in respnose to a particular request at a particular time) *could* also be considered a resource, but that just means that that particular representation can play both roles.  It does not mean that the distinction between the representation and resource is unimportant.
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>  > A representation is what you get *from* a resource -- in particular an information resource -- when you ask for one (such as by HTTP GET).
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>  > I think it's important be careful in the use of these terms, because using them incorrectly tends to cause muddled discussion and confusion.
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