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but we already live in a muddled Web, where this distinction has
been all but erased by the various bizarre uses seen on the
Web. I personally dont see any value on insisting on the
difference any more.

Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) writes:
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 > > I think splitting hairs between resource
 > > and representation only works "so far".
 > The distinction between "representation" and "resource" is not splitting hairs, it is fundamental: they are different *roles* in the architecture.  Since anything can be a resource, a particular representation (returned in respnose to a particular request at a particular time) *could* also be considered a resource, but that just means that that particular representation can play both roles.  It does not mean that the distinction between the representation and resource is unimportant.
 > A representation is what you get *from* a resource -- in particular an information resource -- when you ask for one (such as by HTTP GET).
 > I think it's important be careful in the use of these terms, because using them incorrectly tends to cause muddled discussion and confusion.
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