Re: Boeing XRI Use Cases

Julian Rescke writes:

> But <> is the namespaces specification 
> for XML 1.1, right? <> (from the same 
> date) still refers to RFC 3986 (URI).

Fair enough.  I had forgotten that Namespaces 1.0 was republished at the 
same time as, rather than superceded by Namespaces 1.1.  The question here 
seems to be:  if one has in hand something like an XRI, must one in 
general escape it for use as an XML  namespace name?  The answer seems to 
be: no if the software you use supports Namespaces 1.1, yes if your 
software supports only Namespaces 1.0.  That right? 


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Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2008 14:19:07 UTC