Re: Boeing XRI Use Cases

Hi Julian,

In XML schema 1.1 that is almost done.

The definition of "anyURI" changes slightly to include the mapping of  
http: IRI according to RFC3987 This allows for the ireg-name component  
to be mapped via RFC3490 for schemes using domain names.

This allows almost all http: scheme IRI to work as "anyURI",  relative  
and null IRI are excluded so it is still a sub set, though a much  
larger one than before.

This was never a requirement for XRI as it doesn't use DNS resolution  
for its authority segment.  Any DNS names in cross-references are de- 
escaped and treated as http: scheme IRI by the XRI resolver.

I think that XRI was compliant with XML schema as currently specified  

The changes in 1.1 shouldn't affect XRI.

If someone working on XML 1.1 has a different opinion I would be  

John Bradley

On 6-Aug-08, at 12:00 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> wrote:
>> John Bradely writes:
>>> A IRI is NOT a URI,  it would be WRONG to use a IRI in an XML  
>>> document for name-spacing.
>>> The XML specs are clear and unambiguous use a URI.
>> Well, they do seem to me to be clear, but I read them differently  
>> than you do I'm afraid ;-).  From the XML Namespaces 1.1  
>> Recommendation [1]:
>> "Abstract: XML namespaces provide a simple method for qualifying  
>> element and attribute names used in Extensible Markup Language  
>> documents by associating them with namespaces identified by IRI  
>> references."
>> and indeed the formal definition [2] says:
>> "[Definition: An XML namespace is identified by an IRI reference  
>> [RFC3987]; element and attribute names may be placed in an XML  
>> namespace using the mechanisms described in this specification. ]"
>> ...
> But <> is the namespaces  
> specification for XML 1.1, right? <>  
> (from the same date) still refers to RFC 3986 (URI).
> BR, Julian

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