HXRI Defaults


Someone just let me know that people on the list were asking about the  
HXRI in my sig.


Unfortunately I was testing an Open Social container designed around  
openID and infocard on my =jbradley iName so the page you went to if  
you clicked on it,  probably looked broken.

I prefer to think of it as feature incomplete.  The Open Social  
container that is:)

I have changed my default contact service SEP to redirect to my  
contact service page at Linksafe again.

If we look in the XML of my XRDS:
<Service >
   <Type select='true'>xri://+i-service*(+contact)*($v*1.0)</Type>
   <Type match='null' select='false'/>
   <Path match='default'/>
   <Path match='null'/>
   <URI priority='1' append='qxri'>http://linksafe-contact.ezibroker.net/contact/ 

You can see the metadata that would be returned if you did a XRI  
resolution on =jbradley

A user can modify there own XRDS to return any URI or meta data for  
any service.

Based on the matching rules for the HXRI proxy if you don't  
specifically add the query parameter _xrd_r=application/xrds+xml or  
another one that will return XML formated meta-data,  the proxy  
resolver will try and return HTTP meta data that a browser can make  
some use of.

In this case the Proxy matching this SEP will follow the append rules  
and construct a URI to return as a 302 redirect.

The constructed URI in this case is http://linksafe-contact.ezibroker.net/contact/=jbradley 

http://xri.net/ is the current public HXRI proxy server.

HXRI is not something new it was added to the spec on the based of  
feedback several years ago.

If people want me to get into the SEP matching rules, I am happy to do  

Sorry for any confusion.

John Bradley

Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2008 07:02:45 UTC