Re: Uniform access to descriptions

At 2:52 PM -0400 4/9/08, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
>On Apr 9, 2008, at 10:25 AM, Pat Hayes wrote:
>>>I've always had a bit of problem working through thinking of them, 
>>>though. How about this example from AWWW
>>>>the resource is a periodically updated report on the weather in Oaxaca
>>>What are the rigid properties here, and how are they communicated?
>>Well, for a report, I'd say that the rigid properties were its 
>>being a report, which is something analogous to its mime type, and 
>>the actual symbols (and maybe graphics) in the text of the report, 
>>ie enough information about them to reconstitute their appearance 
>>on a surface. Which is pretty much an html document with associated 
>>jpegs and so forth.
>This would be the properties of what I think of as a static report 
>or web page. However they don't work for the example I asked for 
>advice on in at least two ways: 1) The resource is a report that 

Ah, I missed that. OK, but I think the same criteria apply. In this 
case though the rigid property is that it is a periodically updated 
report. Sorry if this sounds vacuous, but I think its accurate. We 
have an idea of what a periodically updated report is, so that if we 
do a refresh and the screen changes we say, its updated, rather than, 
it changed! Very like the distinction between a static image and a 
movie, which is just a sequence of static images, after all.

>and 2) It doesn't mention Oaxaca or weather, so if we used these as 
>the sole criteria then the thing could equally be a soil acidity 
>report from the most active volcano in the world.

Yes, and I think this is right. Its arguable whether these are rigid 
properties. But if you think they ought to be, then we can include 
them, I'm cool with that. In this case I wouldn't say theres a matter 
of fact involved.



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