Re: Draft Agenda for TAG F2F 17-19th September 2007 at University of Southampton

Stuart Williams wrote (in the draft agenda):

> 2. Recommended readings
>      * Draft TAG Finding on "[32]The Self-Describing Web"

The draft that's posted as of today is [1], which is the draft of 24 May. 
We did discuss this some at the Google F2F, although few TAG members had 
read it before the meeting.  I want to remind everyone that I suggested 
I'd be trying to get a new draft together this week, and it's still my 
hope to do so.  I'd say the chances are 60/40. 

So, you probably don't want to read the draft at [1], as there's a good 
chance it will be replaced.  If I should fail in the effort to redraft 
then I leave it to the chair as to whether it's worth any more F2F time, 
since I'm not sure there will be any "news", except insofar as some of the 
TAG members who didn't read [1] last time may choose to do so now. 

Anyway, I'm traveling starting Sunday night, and am hoping to get 
something posted before I leave, which would give everyone a week to read 
it.  Shouldn't be very long, in fact, one of the comments I received in 
June was to cut out some of the discussion at the beginning, so it should 
get a bit shorter.



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A draft of the agenda for the upcomming TAG F2F meeting, 17-19th
September, in Southampton is available for review at:


and as text below.


Stuart Williams
Hewlett-Packard Limited registered Office: Cain Road, Bracknell, Berks
RG12 1HN
Registered No: 690597 England

           TAG face-to-face meeting, 17-19th September 2007,
                    University of Southampton, UK.

   Nearby: [3]TAG Issues Tracker - [4]findings - [5]www-tag archive -
   [6]tag archive


Meeting at a glance

   Mon 17th Sep Agenda 
   09:00-10:30 [7]Convene
               [8]HttpRedirections-57 and Semantic Web Architecture
   12:30-13:30 Lunch
   13:30-15:00 [9]TagSoupIntegration-54: Distributed Extensibility
   15:30-17:00 [10]XMLVersioning-41

   Tue 18th Sep
   09:00-10:30 [11]Planning and Review
   11:00-12:30 Progress on Issues
               * [12]namespaceDocument-8
               * [13]xmlFunctions-34
               * [14]URNsAndRegistries-50
               * [15]selfDescribingWeb

   12:30-13:30 Lunch
   13:30-15:00 [16]Web Architecture and Web 2.0
               [17]Fragment Identifiers (scripted)

   Wed 19th Sep
   12:30-13:30 Lunch


   (also separate [19]Logistics page)


2. Recommended readings

     * [20]TAG Charter
     * [21]Webarch
     * Draft TAG Finding [22]Dereferencing HTTP URIs
     * Extending and Versioning Languages: Draft TAG Findings:
          + [23]Terminology
          + [24]Strategies
          + [25]XML Languages
     * Sam Ruby [26]article on Distributed Extensibility
     * Draft TAG Finding on "[27]URNs, Namespaces and Registries"
     * [28]HTTP URIs are Expensive ESW Wiki Page (relevant to
     * TimBL DesignIssues Note: "[30]The Interpretation of XML
     * Draft TAG Finding on "[31]The elaborated infoset: A proposal"
     * Draft TAG Finding on "[32]The Self-Describing Web"



  Convene and Agenda Review (<30min)

    1. Convene: take roll, review and agree agenda
    2. Regrets: DaveO, Raman
    3. Appoint: scribes for the three days
       Approve: minutes from 13th September 2007

  F2F Planning

     * Review proposal to host 2008 F2F meetings (at least the first
       after the TAG election)

  [33]HttpRedirections-57 and Semantic Web Architecture (ISSUE-57)


     * Related Actions Items:
          + [34]ACTION-43 on Tim Berners-Lee to Find the paper that he
            annotated on the plane (and transcribe comments on "Cool
            URIs for the Semantic Web"). - due 2007-09-06, open
     * Review of Draft finding:
          + Resources and the 'Web Presence' Label (see [35]dbooth,
               o denotation, referents and access
               o between http:resource and webarch:resource
          + HTTP Response Codes ([37]David Booth)
               o are the description sections dangerous redefinitions
                 of the HTTP spec?
          + Hash URIs Problematic ([38]David Booth)
               o any approach based on hash URIs is architecturally
          + AWWW Definition of Information Resources Flawed (from
            [39]David Booth)
               o also, URIs that are information sinks
          + Definition of the Web ([40]Roy Fielding)
               o Roy's definition vs the one in AWWW
          + URI Declarations ([41]David Booth)
               o David's notion of URI declaration
     * Terminology
          + Identity, Access and Reference
               o Repeated [42]complaints (to cite but one) and
                 sustained about use of terminology in [43]AWWW
               o [44]Thread initiated by Henry seeking to build


  [45]TagSoupIntegration-54 (ISSUE-54)


     * Related Actions Items:
          + [46]ACTION-7 on Dan Connolly to Work with Olivier and Tim
            to draft a position regarding extensibility of HTML and the
            role of the validator for consideration by the TAG - due
            2007-09-06, open
          + [47]ACTION-19 on T.V. Raman to Update the tag soup document
            with the discussion thru 20 Aug 2007 - due 2007-08-27, open
          + [48]ACTION-42 on Stuart Williams to Check with Dan - due
            2007-09-06, open
     * Distributed Extensibility
          + HTML5, uFormats
          + Extensibility and Versioning Findings: Do they have his
          + As a Tech Plenary Topic: How would we structure a session?
     * [49]Topic List
          + Care and Maintenance?
          + Checklist or Agenda (or both)?


  [50]XMLVersioning-41 (ISSUE-41)


     * Related Actions Items:
          + [51]ACTION-4 on Dan Connolly to Review definitions of
            partial understanding, backward compatible, and forward
            compatible - due 2007-09-06, pending review
          + [52]ACTION-15 on Henry S. Thompson to Review XHTML
            /) - due 2007-09-10, open
          + [53]ACTION-16 on David Orchard to Incorporate the NVDL text
            into the findings. - due 2007-08-27, open
          + [54]ACTION-27 on Dan Connolly to ask Mimasa and Mark
            Birbeck about feasability of using substitution groups in
            XHTML modularization, cc public-xml-versioning - due
            2007-09-06, pending review
          + [55]ACTION-28 on Noah Mendelsohn to draft a blog item for
            review and, pending creation of a TAG blog mechanism, post
            it. - due 2007-08-30, open
          + [56]ACTION-35 on Stuart Williams to complete review of
            terminology section of of 4 July versioning draft - due
            2007-08-24, open
          + [57]ACTION-38 on Norman Walsh to review the XML part again
            - due 2007-09-17, open
     * Discuss Reviews of Draft Findings from:
          + Stuart (terminology) [58]ACTION-35)
          + ???? (Strategies)
          + Norm (XML Languages) ([59]ACTION-38)
     * Defined and Accept Sets: is the model working/useful?
     * Publication Strategy


  Planning and Review

     * What are we doing well (and should aim to continue doing well)?
     * What are the 1-3 most important things that we should aim to
       improve in 2008?
     * W3C process requirements - heartbeats, status reports...
     * In [60]June we expressed some ambitions to start to work on:
          + Semantic Web Architecture
          + Web 2.0 and Web Architecture
       Do we have objectives in this area that we want the AC to be
       aware of?


  [61]namespaceDocument-8 (ISSUE-8)


     * Related Actions Items:
          + [62]ACTION-21 on Norman Walsh to Provide a set of test
            cases of ways in which RDDL is actually used
          + [63]ACTION-22 on Dan Connolly to Start an ontology
            including docns/documentElementNamespace.
          + [64]ACTION-23 on Henry S. Thompson to track progress of
            #int bug 1974 in the XML Schema namespace document in the
            XML Schema WG
     * Norm is [65]stymied! How do we move forward?
     * Recapitulation on what the issue actually is?


  [66]xmlFunctions-34 (and ElaboratedInfosets) (ISSUE-34)


     * Related Actions Items:
          + [67]ACTION-25 on T.V. Raman to summarize history of
            DTD/namespace/mimetype version practice, including XHTML,
            SOAP, and XSLT. - due 2007-08-24, open
          + [68]ACTION-26 on Henry S. Thompson to Henry to prepare new
            draft of xmlFunctions-34 - due 2007-09-06, open
     * Current draft [69]The elaborated infoset: A proposal
     * TimBL DesignIssues Note: "[70]The Interpretation of XML
     * Status Update - Henry and Tim




     * Related Actions Items:
          + [72]ACTION-32 on David Orchard to explore the space of
            external registries and to post to the tag member list -
            due 2007-08-24, pending review
          + [73]ACTION-33 on Henry S. Thompson to revise
            URNsAndRegistries-50 finding in response to F2F discussion
            - due 2007-09-06, open
     * Current [74]Draft Finding
     * Status Update - Henry
     * [75]Feedback from Chimezie Ogbuji
     * Counter argument at "[76]HTTP URIs are Expensive" ESW Wiki Page


  Self Describing Web

     * Related Actions Items:
          + [77]ACTION-30 on Noah Mendelsohn to revise Self-Describing
            Web finding in response to 2007-07 F2F discussion
     * Current [78]Draft finding
     * Status Update - Noah


  Web 2.0 and Web Architecture

     * Interaction and State - Representations bearing Interaction
       Behaviour (AJAX/Scripts)
          + Is this covered by WebArch as it is?
          + Do we need extensions or changes? If so... what?
     * Other facets of Web 2.0 that may 'stress' Web Architecture?
          + Client Script handling of Frag Ids (see thread started by
          + uFormats, RDF/a and the Semantic Web


  Wrapup/Other Business

     * TAG@TPAC - November (see also [80]Distributed Extensibility,
       [81]URNsAndRegistries-50, [82]Web 2.0 and WebArch)

    Stuart Williams for TAG

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