economics of modularity, postscript on xmlIDSemantics-32 / ISSUE-32; TagSoupIntegration-54 / ISSUE-54

Our xmlIDSemantics-32 is closed; xml:id is a REC and all...
but in the TagSoupIntegration context, people are arguing
that it's actually cheaper for the community as a whole
for W3C to just centralize these decisions, and as much
as I find it unappealing, I'm not sure it's wrong:

(This is exactly where xml:id went wrong. The practical approach  
would have been declaring that the attribute id is always and ID and  
if someone out there had a non-Web problem with that, it would have  
been a non-Web problem. Now the fallout from xml:id is seen in Web  
specs and implementations.)
 -- Henri Sivonen
  19 Oct 2007

for reference:
under the option 
5.1 Steal the string "id"

Dan Connolly, W3C
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