Re: HTTP URIs and authority

tis 2007-10-23 klockan 13:00 +0100 skrev Xiaoshu Wang:
> > Still, the important thing is that I, the domain owner, gets to decide
> > that the URI identifies Paris. If someone decides to use the same URI to
> > identify their dog named Paris, AWWW says I have authority to say they
> > are wrong.
> >
> > However, if I say that Paris has 2 million inhabitants, and someone else
> > says 3 million, I don't have authority just because I coined the URI. 
> >   
> I think you still do.  You own the URI but you don't own Paris.  What 
> people gets back is your personal "impression" of Paris.  If other 
> people don't agree with your impression, they cannot use your URI to 
> denote Paris.  They have to mint a different one.  Whoever gets right 
> will be shared by more people, other URIs will die.  This is the rule of 
> the game.

Paris is Paris, in most cases. Unless we deal with completely different
notions (such as city versus county distinction or similar) I see no
need for us to use different URIs if the resource is actually the same??
And a owl:sameAs statement would be proper if the resources are the

But the point is that others can't decide what my URI denotes. 

> A URI should denote one and only one thing. But the converse is not 
> true.  A thing can be denoted by many URIs, but we hope it is denoted by 
> only one URI.  URI owner and resource owner are not necessarily the same 
> one. As a matter of fact, I think, most time they are not.



> Xiaoshu 

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