Re: HTTP URIs and authority

Ed Summers wrote:
> On 10/23/07, Xiaoshu Wang <> wrote:
>> I think you still do.  You own the URI but you don't own Paris.  What
>> people gets back is your personal "impression" of Paris.  If other
>> people don't agree with your impression, they cannot use your URI to
>> denote Paris.  They have to mint a different one.  Whoever gets right
>> will be shared by more people, other URIs will die.  This is the rule of
>> the game.
> I really like this evolutionary approach to URIs and
> authority--particularly in the context of the semantic web. Does
> anyone know if this 'game' has been discussed or written up anywhere
> before?
> //Ed
I have written a manuscript about it but were turned down for the reason 
of "insufficiently mature". I am planning to rewrite it with some new 
thought.  The basic principle is how we can develop and deploy an 
ontology in such that it promotes maximal sharing.  I had put some part 
of the idea at  I can 
send you my old draft manuscript if you are interested.


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