Re: Subgroup to handle semantics of HTTP etc?

Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) wrote:
>> They may 
>> referred to as
>> _:aPrintCopy awww:hardCopyOf <>.
>> _:anAudio awww:soundOf <>.
>> _:anHTMLRep awww:informationResourceOf <>.
>> _:anPDFFile awww:informationResourceOf <>.
>> .....
>> Please note that my last two assertions because I think it is 
>> more appropriate to define *information resource* as the set 
>> of all representations of all generic URIs.  Such a view has 
>> few advantages.
> Sorry, but I am not getting this - there may be some words missing.
> Alt1: if "information resource" is the set of all representations
> obtainable from all generic URIs (over all time? or at an instant?) how
> are we to discriminate one information resource from another?
Using b-nodes? So we can refer the html representation of as
_:abook a HtmlRepresentation;
             repOf <>.
Just like in human language, we talk about it as the "html 
representation" of <>. Right?

A representation is bound with its master URI, so we cannot talk about 
it without its master URI.

>> 1) It is much easier to understand and consistent because it 
>> doesn't matter if a URI identifies a network resource, a 
>> person, or a namespace, or an ontology.
> I don't understand what comparison is being made here. Something is
> 'easier' than something else... but I'm struggling to ground the
> 'somethings'.
I snip the rest.  I don't think we differ too much but only on probably 
this one question.

Is there any distinguishable difference between a "document 
(awww:InformationResource)" and a person?

Current, AWWW thinks so (from my understanding).  I think not, which I  
just responded to Noah's question.

Hence, I propose to use "information resource" for *representations* 
because it feels - at least to me - natural to think that  in the web we 
work with "information resource" to understand things in the world.  A 
"document" located somewhere in the network, therefore, is not an 
information resource.  It is just an ordinary *thing* in the world, like 
a book, a person, etc...


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