TAG Telcon Agenda for 4th October 2007: binaryXML-30; XMLVersioning-41; httpRedirections-57

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             Agenda of 4th October 2007 TAG teleconference

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    1. Convene
          + Chair: Stuart, Scribe: DaveO
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Raman, Noah(possible)
          + Agenda Review
    2. Next Telcon
          + Propose: 11th October 2007: Chair Stuart -- scribe: Rhys
          + Any known regrets?
            On record are: 11th Oct - Noah; 18th Oct - Raman; 25th Oct
            - Raman, Norm; 8th Nov - Norm
    3. Approval of Minutes
          + F2F Minutes: [10]17th, [11]18th and [12]19th September
          + 27th September 2007 [13]Telcon minutes
    4. Tech-Plenary
          + Plenary Panel Session
               o Any update? (David).
                 [14]Email thread on [15]"URI-Based Extensibility:
                 Benefits, Deviations, Lessons-Learned"
    5. Draft Exec Summary for AC meeting
          + Initial (member only) [16]Draft checked in - TAG comments
            and feedback please.
    6. Issue [17]binaryXML-30 (ISSUE-30)
          + Action Items pending Review
               o [18]ACTION-60 Suggest to Steve that Binary XML be put
                 on plenary agenda Tim Berners-Lee
    7. Issue [19]XMLVersioning-41 (ISSUE-41)
          + Action Items to discuss:
               o [20]ACTION-38 on Norman Walsh to review the XML part
                 again - due 2007-10-04, open
               o [21]ACTION-48 on Henry S. Thompson to Produce an
                 exemplary implementation of XHTML Modularization using
                 substitution groups for both bottom-up extensibility
                 and top-down modularity - due 2007-09-24, open
               o [22]ACTION-51 on David Orchard to And Dan work
                 together to articulate the story that the TAG wants to
                 tell. - due 2007-10-04, open
          + Action Items to continue:
               o [23]ACTION-16 on David Orchard to Incorporate the NVDL
                 text into the findings. - due 2007-10-31, open
               o [24]ACTION-28 on Noah Mendelsohn to draft a blog item
                 for review and, pending creation of a TAG blog
                 mechanism, post it. - due 2007-09-06, pending review
    8. Issue [25]httpRedirections-57 (ISSUE-57)
          + Action Items to discuss:
               o [26]ACTION-46 on Norman Walsh to review Cool URIs for
                 the Semantic Web - due 2007-09-24, open
               o [27]ACTION-47 on Tim Berners-Lee to Review the 14 Sep
                 draft of the Cool URIs for the SemWeb document on
                 behalf of the TAG and bring the comments back to the
                 TAG - due 2007-09-24, pending review
                 Ensuing threads:
                    # [28]Some TAG review of "Cool URIs for the
                      Semantic Web"
                    # [29]HTTP Endpoints and Resources
                    # [30]Which URI should be persistent when redirects
                      are used?
                    # [31]Preferable alternative to 'resource'
                    # [32]XML Schema draft populates the intersection
                      of Language and InformationResource [ISSUE-14
               o [33]ACTION-52 on Norman Walsh to Relay comments as
                 constructed today to the SemWeb EO IG editors of "Cool
                 URIs..." - due 2007-09-26, pending review
                 Ensuring thread [34]Comments on "Cool URIs for the
                 Semantic Web"
    9. Any other business?
          + Any BLOG news?

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