Re: XML Binding Language (XBL) 2.0 -- Agenda item?

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AvK> On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 18:06:35 +0100, Henry S. Thompson <>
AvK> wrote:
>> Thanks, this is being helpful, can we keep going:
>> So if I bind a bit of script to an on_hover event wrt an element whose
>> rendering has been re-ordered with respect to the rendering of its
>> siblings, the script will have no access to the new ordering, or to
>> any constructed content?  The appearance of "this.shadowTree" in the
>> example in the introduction to the current WD suggest otherwise, that
>> is, that XBL2 should be diagrammed as
>>  XBL2:
>>    Original DOM -> XBL2 -> Shadow DOM

AvK> Fair enough, yes, you can access the "Shadow DOM" but since the "Original
AvK> DOM" isn't modified scripts that are not aware of a "Shadow DOM" won't
AvK> break and the semantics of the "Original DOM" stay the same since it isn't
AvK> modified. Only through a special attribute you can get access to the  
AvK> rendering view.

This is the crucial point - a script can run over the original DOM,
without tripping over the rendering; a script can run in the
rendering, without affecting the original DOM; changes in the original
DOM are reflected immediately in the rendering.

The canonical example that I use to illustrate this is Chemical Markup
Language (CML).

Using XSLT, I can convert the CML of a molecule to an SVG of a
molecule, and look at it.

Using XBL I can have a CML of several molecules, and have a script
going to simulate reaction kinetics as the molecules interact to form
new ones. The XBL creates the SVG view of the molecules, so i can
watch them interact.

The CML reaction kinetics script does not have to know that I am using
SVG to visualize them. And it doesn't have to be changed when I switch
in a different XBL to make an HTML table of bond angles, either.

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