Asking too much of User Agents: Passwords in the clear again

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As the draft minutes [1] suggest, another tricky case wrt the proposed
finding on Passwords in the Clear [2] has emerged: Just because a form
with an <input type='password'>... is delivered via http and not https
does not necessarily mean the password will be shipped over the wire
in the clear -- it's been asserted that it's possible for javascript
on the page, invoked by an 'onsubmit' hook, to use some form of
(possibly public-key?) encryption so that what is actually submitted
is safe from snooping.  Clearly the User Agent can't tell that this is
being done, and so would be expected to issue a warning to the user as
the finding currently stands, which would be misleading at best.

Security experts:  1) Is such Javascript actually possible?  If so,
                      does it provide an acceptable level of security?
                   2) Is it being done today (on the call it was
                      suggested that Yahoo does this)?


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