New issue: scalabilityOfURIAccess-58

At the 13 Aug 2007 telcon, the TAG resolved[1] to create a new issue
to track the problems associated with accessing popular URIs. This
issue arose as a result of discussing Ted Guild's request for a "best
practices"[2] document on caching.

Web architecture advocates identifying important resources with URIs,
most often http: URIs. But when a resource is very popular and its use
is associated with attempts to get a representation, use of http: URIs
can lead *in practice* to a crippling volume of traffic on particular
web servers. In principle, the web has mechanisms to cope with this
problem, but it remains a real problem in practice nevertheless.

The TAG will consider attempt to determine what, if any,
recommendations, guidelines, best practices, or technology changes
would help alleviate the practical problems associated with the
scalability of URI access.

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