TAG Telcon Agenda for 20th August 2007 [Administrivia, XMLVersioning-41, xml11Names-46, TagSoupIntegration-54 (Distributed Extensibility), FragIDs]

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Stuart Williams
Hewlett-Packard Limited registered Office: Cain Road, Bracknell, Berks
RG12 1HN
Registered No: 690597 England

             Agenda of 20th August 2007 TAG teleconference

   Nearby: [4]Teleconference details - [5]issues list ([6]handling new
   issues) - [7]www-tag archive - [8]tag archive
    1. Convene
          + Chair: Stuart, Scribe: TBD
          + Roll call -- Regrets: [9]TimBL
          + Agenda Review
          + Pending Action Items: Propose to Close without discussion
               o [10]ACTION-3: Write to the chairs of the working
                 groups about the overlap
               o [11]ACTION-10: Discuss TAG slot at TP with Steve
                 Bratt, informed by above discussion
               o [12]ACTION-11: Tell Steve Bratt that the TAG doesn't
                 want a slot at the AC meeting
    2. Approve [13]Minutes from 13th August 2007:
    3. Next Telcon
          + Propose: 10th September 2007: Chair Stuart -- scribe: Raman
            regrets: [14]DaveO, Rhys
               o 27th Aug is UK public holiday - regrets from Stuart
                 and TimBL
               o 3rd September is US Labor Day - regrets from Noah,
                 Norm, TimBL and Rhys
               o Could meet 27th Aug - need volunteer to chair
               o Could substitute a meeting in Thursdays 30th Aug and
                 6th Sep respectively (same time).
    4. Re-Scheduling Telcon: Progress?
          + [15]ACTION-8: Put up straw poll to try to find a new slot
            for this meeting
          + [16]Responses from 5 TAG Members to-date (SKW, NRM, HT,
            TVR, RL).
          + Remaining unconflicted options:
               o Monday: 9am - 10:30am Pacific; 12noon - 1:30pm Boston;
                 5pm - 6:30pm UK
               o Thursday: 9am - 10:30am Pacific; 12noon - 1:30pm
                 Boston; 5pm - 6:30pm UK
            ie. only one remaining alternative slot! - 4 TAG members
            yet to hear from (inc. TimBL)
    5. TAG Blog
          + Updates (DanC) on:
               o [17]ACTION-12: Try to reach TBL to get approval (to
                 use <http://www.w3.org/tag/blog>)
               o [18]ACTION-13: Ask KdB if categories can be restricted
                 to particular login lists
    6. September F2F Preparation
          + [19]Logistics - any questions?
          + [20]Initial Draft Agenda - and [21]request for topics
    7. Issue [22]XMLVersioning-41
          + [23]Outstanding Actions
               o Discuss
                    # NDW [24]accepted on 12 Dec 2006 Produce some
                      information about NVDL for the finding. Continued
                      [25]9 July 2007
                      Pending Review: [26]NVDL message from Norm
               o Close without discussion
                    # NDW [27]accepted on 31 May 2007 NDW to note a
                      problem near webarch/#pr-version-info in the
                      errata. Continued: [28]9 July 2007.
                      Completed by: [29]Erratum message from Norm
                    # NM [30]accepted on 30 May 2007 NM to write up his
                      paper comments on extensibility and versioning
                      Completed by [31]posting from Noah.
               o Continue without discussion
                    # DanC [32]ACTION-4 Review definitions of partial
                      understanding, backward compatible, and forward
                      compatible. [CONTINUES]
                    # [33]NM to draft a blog item on possible semantics
                      of version identifiers for review and, pending
                      creation of a TAG blog mechanism, post it
    8. Issue [34]xml11Names-46
          + [35]Outstanding Action Items
               o Discuss
                    # NDW [36]accepted on 13 Dec 2006 Find a test case;
                      reminds self to check with Henry for the Ice
                      Cream example.
                      Pending Review: [37]Test case message from Norm
    9. Issue [38]TagSoupIntegration-54: Distributed Extensibility
          + [39]Outstanding Actions
               o Continue without discussion
                    # [40]T.V. Raman to draft initial discussion
                      material on tag soup for discussion on 26 March,
                      draft on the 19th or so.
          + [41]Consideration of Distributed Extensibility in HTML 5
   10. Fragment Identifiers
          + Another examination of [42]fragment identifiers raised by
   11. Any other business?

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    Stuart Williams for TAG
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