WS-Transfer and endPointRefs-47


I just scanned the recent TAG discussion about WS-Transfer and wanted
to provide some additional clarifying information ...

] Noah: My recollection is that there is this trick thats played with
EPR's where an EPR has a bunch of properties but when its mapped to
soap each of these properties gets its own header.

That's correct, but as I pointed out in raising[1] endPointRefs-47, if
you follow the specs in play, the URI in an EPR ends up in the wsa:To
header, not the HTTP Request-URI.  In fact, the Request-URI isn't
populated by the SOAP+WSA stack at all (if you adopt the common
interpretation of the SOAP 1.2 default HTTP binding, at least).  In
practice though (since obviously you have to have a Request-URI to
send an HTTP message!) its value is that of an "endpoint" (e.g. [2])
which serves as a message dispatch point, rather than as a destination
for the message.

This is in contrast to Henry's investigations into SOAP+WSA where he
used the EPR URI in the Request URI (as I pointed out[3]).

This issue isn't specific to WS-Transfer of course, but I think it
needs to be taken into account when examining WS-Transfer's
relationship to the Web.




Received on Monday, 16 October 2006 18:14:02 UTC