Re: A URI for the class of SOAP MEPs

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> Jacek Kopecky:
> > Personally, I agree that URIs are cheap, but if you want to have
> > something at the end of the URI, it may suddenly become not quite  
> cheap
> > enough. 8-)


> I think we're all set for now.  The chair of the XMLP workgroup has  
> agreed [1] to put creation of an appropriate URI onto the agenda of  
> an upcoming XMLP teleconference.  While there is some small risk  
> that XMLP would for good or bad reason decide not to do something  
> satisfactory, I think we should hope for the best, and suspend  
> further discussion here.  Once XMLP comes up with a proposed  
> direction, I'll send a pointer to and semantic- 
>, as well as to the WSDL WG, so you'll all have a chance  
> to register concerns.  Should the XMLP WG decide to mint a URI, as  
> we hope, I will remind them of the desirability that the URI  
> resolve.  In the meantime, I'd like to believe we're all set.

The URI should be the URI of an RDF document # a local identifier.
The RDF document should define basic information about the class,
that it is a class, label, comment, etc.
If the URI is being minted as part of the RDF mapping, then I
don't see a reason from the document being in anything other than RDF.

> [..]

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