Re: The URI of a RDDL "nature"

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| Hello Norm,
| I'm just catching up on this thread...
|> It is with this in mind that the TAG wonders if you'd be 
|> willing to establish new URIs with the pattern 
|> for the natures. I would suggest preserving, but deprecating, 
|> the natures listed above (so that there would be two natures for those
|> resources) and simply dropping the rest. 
| Under this proposal, RDDL natures become a closed space under the
| control of the maintainer/owner of rather than an openly
| extensible space where anyone could contribute a new nature. Is that
| really what the TAG wants?

No, and that's not the case either. Just because

is the nature for W3C XML Schema, that doesn't preclude me from
inventing the nature

| It strikes me that one would want the space of rddl natures to be openly
| extensible so that one could say something like:
| 	:myNatureTerm a rddl:nature .


  <> a rddl:nature .


| in order to declare term as a rddl nature. Once could of course the
| dereference the nature term to find more (machine/human) readable
| documentation about that nature (maybe in another namespace document
| :-).

Exactly. My next pass through the document will probably try to do a
little more/better job with the ontology.

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